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August 31, 2007

Class Blog Update

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I’ve sent email invites to everyone for whom I have an email address.  If you don’t get an invite from wordpress by Saturday morning, email me at jetboy@andrew and I’ll send you an invite.


Help Sessions

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Hey guys, I’ll be holding help sessions at the following times:

Sunday: 5-6

Monday: 5-6

You can find me in the large 3rd year studio (the one next to yellow studio)


Arduino for OSX 10.3

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I found this link on the forums, it’s supposedly a version of arduino that works under 10.3:

Links to LED tutorials

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There are many mini-tutorials on LEDs on the Web. Here’s one.

August 30, 2007

Exercise One: What Is ?

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(Due Sept 6, 9 AM): Find examples of furniture that is, or is not, interactive, and provide a link to these examples on the class blog. (More than one, fewer than five). You may upload photos, find links to other people’s work, etc. The purpose of this exercise is twofold: First, to collectively build a set of useful and inspiring references for the work we will do during the rest of the semester. Second, to fuel a discussion about what is, what is not, and what might be interactive furniture.

Please post your examples on the class blog (tagged as Examples) before 9 AM Thursday Sept 6, so that we can use them in our class conversation. Be familiar with the projects you post, and be prepared to explain whatever is not self-evident about the examples, and to discuss where you think they “fit” in the design space of interactive furniture.

Exercise Zero: Make A Lamp

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(Due Sept 4 2007): Build a lamp (an illuminating device – for example, a nightlight is considered a lamp here) that uses three colors of LEDs – to make different colors and/or patterns in time of light. Assignment details are in the PDF linked here:
PDF for Exercise Zero

August 29, 2007

resistors and LEDs

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Here is a useful tool for checking the value of a resistor.

Here is a useful tool for figuring out how big a resistor you need for an LED

August 28, 2007

Getting Ready Assignment

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Please visit the arduino web site and download the Arduino software for your computer. You will need to install the FTDI drivers so that the Arduino microcontroller can talk to your computer. Follow the instructions for installing the drivers that come with the Arduino software, in the README.TXT file (under “INSTALLATION”). You should be able to start the Arduino “IDE” by clicking on the ARDUINO09 application (test this).

Please bring your computer (if it is a laptop) to class Thursday Aug 30 with this installation completed, so that you can get started immediately in class.

August 27, 2007

Syllabus & Schedule

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Here is the current syllabus and schedule for the class.

An installation of interactive furniture (IBM Research Journal article)

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