Making Furniture Interactive

September 5, 2007

Kipum Lee’s Exercise 1:

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Grass Chair
A “Grass Chair” you can purchase. There are no sensors or electrical components, but it can be an interesting experience.

Interactive Toilet Seat
Might be a fun lavoratory experience, especially in the dark.

Not So White Wall
“Not So White Wall,” Interactive Wallpaper. Thermal Display Wallpaper for Prada. A Masters Thesis project of Dario Buzzini when he was at Interaction Design Institute at Ivrea. You can read emails or SMS and also view images taken with your mobile phone camera.

Millenium Park the “Bean”
Two pictures from my summer in Chicago. This is a picture of the $12 mil “bean” in downtown Chicago. I took a shot of a little boy interacting with it. This is an example of a massive piece of artifact with no defined purpose, yet has captivated many visitors and invited a form of interaction.

Spewing water
Another picture I took this summer. In the same Millenium Park in Chicago, two sets of interactive walls that have animated human faces which spew out water in interval times. It is great to watch people just come and play in this small arena.


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