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September 11, 2007

key lamp

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I’m constantly worried about leaving important personal items (keys, wallet, phone, etc.) where they shouldn’t be. Since leaving my wallet on the 28X Airport Flyer last year, I’ve made a conscious effort to know where my belongings are at all times. I’ve noticed recently that i’m prone to leaving my keys in the door of my apartment. Key lamp uses a homemade switch consisting of two aluminum plates, and a block of cherry wood to provide a handy key storage / warning device. When keys are inserted into the block, the keys themselves complete the circuit and dual 3000 mcd LEDs light in recognition of the presence of keys. The next step in this system would be to wire it into the deadbolt of my appt so when i leave the keys in the door the annoying flashing would remind me to take them out from inside the apartment.
key lamp components
Warning flash

I intended to code 3 states into my lamp. The default being off but still monitoring the switch for the presence of keys. the second is warning mode wherein the lamp would flash annoyingly in order to remind me to take my keys out. The final state would be to remain at full brightness to provide light for navigation. Because i get home from studio after midnight on a regular basis, i often run into things in the darkness of my apartment. The third state would provide minimal light until i can turn on appropriate lights. I have only managed to code the first two states, but the third is on its way.


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