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September 19, 2007

Assignment 3 | Study for State Machine

Filed under: Exercise 3: Four States,Matt Thompson — Mattt @ 7:05 am

After toying around with a few ideas for this assignment, I found myself coming back to the same kind of idea about how furniture could behave that kind of reminded me of my ex-girlfriend. I liked the idea of a piece that was just seductive enough to attract a user to engage with it, but then somehow trap the user if they tried to move on. It would be nothing special in the first place, which would make being stuck with it that much more infuriating.

One idea that stuck was a phone whose only desire is for you to push its buttons, giving appropriate audio cues. It begs you to pay attention to its needs, after patiently listening to your boring conversations every day. Doesn’t it deserve to have a little fun too? But yet, its needs become endless, and what began as a simple request for attention becomes a torrent of whiny demands.

The mockup for activating four states with mockup components (LEDs, etc.) was pretty trivial, so I’m not going to post that. However, after spending time taking a phone apart to see what I had to work with, I found that manipulating the sound components, like the ringer, required some tinkering with analog signals.

Attached is the circuit and state diagrams for this piece: Assignment 3A Explanation and Diagram


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