Making Furniture Interactive

September 19, 2007

Exercise 3: Light Box

Filed under: Exercise 3: Four States,Joe Iloreta — jilore @ 1:28 am

Its not exactly a piece of furniture yet, but I tried to look at how the play of light could tell one how to behave with this object and its four states.

LEDs are placed on two sides of a plane that divide a small box out of which light projects. I vary the pulse of the light as well as location along the four states, using a piezo transducer and photocell as sensors.

Sleep is the well-understood fade-in/out.

Arouse is achieved by knocking (piezo code) near the box and waking it up.

Attract and Reward was supposed to be achieved by 1) blinking yellow lights that formed a “runway” for someone to put a pen in (btw now the box is a pen holder) and 2) placing the pen in the box and switching on a bright light below triggered by a photocell. The yellow LEDs that blink towards the slot for the pen do not show up on the video.

I didn’t achieve quite the lifelike quality that I wanted and it wasn’t quite as dramatic as I liked but has given me direction in terms of how to make this a little more interesting, suprising or dynamic in terms of lighting different hues in space. Like that game “Simon” but not quite.


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