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October 23, 2007

Imran’s Exercise 5 – Fishy Game

Filed under: Exercise 5: Mechanical Movement,Imran Sobh — imranixd @ 12:04 am

My intention behind this project was to make a manual version of the wind-up fishy games of my youth. It ended up being a little more abstract, and not so easy to play. I tried to go with foam core again like my last project, as I got a little more comfortable cutting and gluing.

It’s not the ideal material, especially once things start moving. I had issues with making proper teeth for the gears, so I had to make those a few times. Once I had all proper pieces and support, I put the fins on the bottom, but the “fish” kept getting caught on them. Once I put tape on the bottom of the fish and also on the fins underneath, things were a little smoother, but still getting caught every once in a while.

The end result is a clunky fish game that you need a third person to crank the wheel in order to play:

Other photos 

Overall, I’ve learned a great deal but simply jumping in and trying shape things the way I want them, but I can’t help but feeling like I don’t have the right tools or that someone with more experience with foam core could probably teach me a lot quicker. I also would like to use the laser cutter so that I can be more experimental and not worry about ruining a gear that took me an hour to cut out.


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