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October 30, 2007

Final Project Proposal

Filed under: Final Project,Joe Iloreta,Proposals — jilore @ 6:18 am

I would like to explore the intricacies and subtleties of movement with this final project, translating one simple movement into a graceful series of movements. I propose a wall installation that senses linear movement, and translates it to the rotating speeds of discs in a pinwheels-like manner. It seeks to create kinetic, behavioral secondary motion out of simple movement of the human body along a path, like ripples in a pond, or wind across a field. Using pinwheels of different radius, I also want to create a mechanical and kinetic display of ratios – spinning certain wheels according to intensity and speed of movement of a passer-by along the length of the installation.. The variations of spinning I hope also create a rich texture of sound as materials spin against each other.

As a person moves along the length of the installation (detected by rangefinders or some other kind of simple sensor) speed and velocity directs the intensity, selection, and ultimately the sound of rotating discs. One rotating disc is linked to a combination of other discs that result in a combination of movements visible to the user. In absence of movement, a subtle behavior quietly invites one to move across the surface and activate it.

Gears of various size
Paper-like material for pinwheel shapes
Rangefinders or Photoresistors

Skills to be learned:
Programming that can randomize behavior and sequence the movement of gears
Gearing and sizing gears
Powering multiple motors and sensors

Work referenced:
User motion translated to kinetic, sculptural movement has been explored by several others.

The flight/gate board @ MOMA has an autonomous, mechanical sound that I find compelling

I thought about the book 600 Black Circles by Andrew Carter when I was thinking of an interesting arrangement of shapes.


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