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November 4, 2007

[Dan D.W. Kang] Project Proposal

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* Description: The term project will be a coffee table that interacts with the users. The basic design of the table consists of two boxes: one large, transparent box on which the coffee cups will be put, and a small , translucent box for the “entertainment” for the users. When the user sits down on the chair, the table will respond by emitting warm and diffusing light. The table will respond differently according to the actions made by the users. (e.g. putting the cup down on the table) The most exciting behavior of the table happens when there are two users sitting at both sides of the table and the cups are placed on the table; the inner box will start spinning.


* Bill of Materials: This project will require a large amount of plexi-glass for the both boxes. To enhance the effect of the glowing box, a minimum of 3 light bulbs, along with a several LEDs will be planted on the bottom of the inner box. A D/C motor will be used for the rotation of the inner box. However, depending on the development of the project (that might affect the movement of the inner box), a stepper motor can be used to create a different “stages” of movement. Two types of sensors will be used: I/R sensor and photocell.  

* Bill of Knowledge: The behavior of the table requires a variety of states and responses to those states. Careful programming will be required to assign the appropriate responses for different actions made by the users. The light bulbs, wires, batteries, motors, and other necessary components of the table must be configured and assembled properly.



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