Making Furniture Interactive

November 4, 2007

The Stylist

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An old beauty parlor chair acts as a time machine – when sat in, the chair provides the participant with various layers of audio and physical interactions that together create a disjointed narrative. The audio layers include background sounds and overheard conversations, as well as comments, or complements, to the participant – “My, what healthy hair you have! What do you use?” A truck goes by, a hairdryer comes on, and the chair vibrates slightly. “Excuse me ma’am, are you reading that magazine?” – a solenoid taps the armrest.


Proposed interaction scenario:

Participant sits in the chair.

Main audio begins (cd).

A red LED slowly fades up (in the ashtray).

Intermittently separate digital audio devices (momentary contact = play) kick in with physical counterparts – trunk/hairdryer and vibration, solenoid tapping on the armrest or back with a direct question.

Things quiet down and the red LED fades out.

Material List

CD player
Several (at least two) digital audio devices
Sensors (photo resistor, pressure sensor)
Wires, resistors

Stuff to figure out

CD player – hack into the play button so that I can trigger it on.
Back-up, hit it with a solenoid (not optimal).

The same with the digital audio devices. Sync them with their respective physical counterparts.


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