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November 6, 2007

Bowl: token based media for children

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While at DUX, one of the presentations so far is something that is relevant to this class. Einar Sneve Martinussen presented a project that gives control of media displayed on television to children. Inside the box is an RFID reader, and he implanted his daughters toys with RFID tags.

Based on what she places in the bowl, different media files and different media types are triggered and played on the screen. It gives control of the media to the child and allows for a more natural interaction instead of having it dictated by people who arrange programs on television. He used regular media as well as family videos and photos. In one iteration, using a mortar to stir the bowl triggered random photos to appear.

I think it’s interesting how the form of objects can cater to the audience of people, and you can use familiar objects to interact with pieces of media or other furniture. Check out his blog for more.


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  1. A few years ago the Delft “ID StudioLab” people led by Pieter Jan Stappers won the microsoft design competition with a bowl-based project titled (if I remember correctly) “gust of me”…It’s not well documented on the Web but there was a journal article …

    Comment by Mark D Gross — November 11, 2007 @ 11:40 am | Reply

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