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December 17, 2007

Final Project

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Final Projectaafront-copy.jpgaaback.jpg

Description: The final product is an array of 256 LEDs which could be used to display a multitude of information. It is also able to control, in a limited way, an iPod or other audio device. The design uses a clock module, temperature sensor, LED controllers, and a stereo volume control to provide the time, temperature, and audio entertainment which the user desires. Through the iPod, it is also possible to use it as an alarm clock.
Unfortunately I was not able to get everything fully functional at the same time, however individually everything worked.

Diagram of the Arduino-connected components


Materials Used:
Temperature sensor (thermistor)
DS1307 clock module (sparkfun breakout)
4 LED matrices
4 LED controllers (max7219)
1 Arduino
Power source (6A @ 5V)
2 grid style PCBs
1 double audio taper potentiometer (volume control)
2 audio jacks
1 power jack
connectors and wire
5 lbs solder

asst hardware

due to my mixed up wiring, i had to modify tomeks ledcontroller lib a little.
here are some code excerpts for showing temperature with two of the matrices connected.
note that this only lets you write 1 led/column, basically to do more than 1 you have to keep a buffer and add to it, then update each row later. this is what the LEDMatrix lib included with the arduino distro does.
anyway, the code below makes a little mountain which is taller the warmer the temperature

void loop () {
int temp = analogRead(tpin);

//what you write goes here mat(row,col); maxx is literal, mat translates

if (temp 0){
if (temp 294){
if (temp 339){
if (temp 384){
if (temp 429){
if (temp 474){
if (temp 521){
if (temp 564){
kh(9); //light them all

void kh(int minn){//build a mountain
for (e=minn; e= minn
maxx(d[minn],0); //pushes the last clear through to the second matrix
for (e=1; e


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