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November 5, 2007

My Proposal

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My proposal can be found here :


Somnus Recordari

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I am proposing the construction of silicone branch molded from a locust tree. It will contain a heavy copper armature allowing it to articulate and hold its position. The branch contains within or possibly on the surface a digital recording devices including a camera and a microphone hooked to a Marantz PMD660. Three possibilities exist for input sensors. Attached to my body when I sleep either a galvanic skin monitor which measures changing skin resistance as one perspires signaling stress, or a Hemoencephalography (HEG) sensor which uses infrared sensing oxygenated blood flow to localized parts of the brain through the translucent qualities of the scalp. Or merely a sound sensor which triggers when one mumbles in ones sleep. These recording devices, within the end of the branch, will be located near my head as I sleep. When a sudden change in my sleeping condition arises I will be awakened by an increased light level, photographed and my voice recorded as I recite my current dream.

November 4, 2007

[Dan D.W. Kang] Project Proposal

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* Description: The term project will be a coffee table that interacts with the users. The basic design of the table consists of two boxes: one large, transparent box on which the coffee cups will be put, and a small , translucent box for the “entertainment” for the users. When the user sits down on the chair, the table will respond by emitting warm and diffusing light. The table will respond differently according to the actions made by the users. (e.g. putting the cup down on the table) The most exciting behavior of the table happens when there are two users sitting at both sides of the table and the cups are placed on the table; the inner box will start spinning.


* Bill of Materials: This project will require a large amount of plexi-glass for the both boxes. To enhance the effect of the glowing box, a minimum of 3 light bulbs, along with a several LEDs will be planted on the bottom of the inner box. A D/C motor will be used for the rotation of the inner box. However, depending on the development of the project (that might affect the movement of the inner box), a stepper motor can be used to create a different “stages” of movement. Two types of sensors will be used: I/R sensor and photocell.  

* Bill of Knowledge: The behavior of the table requires a variety of states and responses to those states. Careful programming will be required to assign the appropriate responses for different actions made by the users. The light bulbs, wires, batteries, motors, and other necessary components of the table must be configured and assembled properly.


The Stylist

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An old beauty parlor chair acts as a time machine – when sat in, the chair provides the participant with various layers of audio and physical interactions that together create a disjointed narrative. The audio layers include background sounds and overheard conversations, as well as comments, or complements, to the participant – “My, what healthy hair you have! What do you use?” A truck goes by, a hairdryer comes on, and the chair vibrates slightly. “Excuse me ma’am, are you reading that magazine?” – a solenoid taps the armrest.


Kip & Jamin Final Proposal Presentation

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The staff at the UPMC Neurosurgery Clinic have difficulty locating each other when they are in the room with a patient. Several tracking systems have been attempted, but all have failed because they require active engagement. We propose a more automated indicator of location using sensors to detect individuals and display location outside of the room using a display of information, most likely through ambient lights.

Kip & Jamin Final Proposal


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I will build an interactive carpet platform, sandwich style: carpet, electronics, foam, more carpet. I’m going for localized interactivity using lilypad arduinos. Each arduino will have at least one form of sensor input and one form of output. Input=pressure sensors built from conductive foam. Output=voice chips.

October 31, 2007

thermal comfort chair

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For the non-vehicular (self-propelled) commuter, the Thermal Comfort Chair is intended to provide personal, localized thermal equilibrium primarily immediately following a commute. As a commuter arrives to work or home their metabolic rate is significantly higher than that of their coworkers. That commuter is unfortunately at the whim of the air handling system that cannot accommodate temporary, or personal needs. Rather than sweat it out, the Thermal Comfort Chair is an active heat sink for the body so you can return to equilibrium and obtain a productive comfort level.
thermal comfort chair

October 30, 2007

Final Project Proposal

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sonic bookshelf

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inspirational projects//

Secuenciador tangible 2



Final Project Proposal

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I would like to explore the intricacies and subtleties of movement with this final project, translating one simple movement into a graceful series of movements. I propose a wall installation that senses linear movement, and translates it to the rotating speeds of discs in a pinwheels-like manner. It seeks to create kinetic, behavioral secondary motion out of simple movement of the human body along a path, like ripples in a pond, or wind across a field. Using pinwheels of different radius, I also want to create a mechanical and kinetic display of ratios – spinning certain wheels according to intensity and speed of movement of a passer-by along the length of the installation.. The variations of spinning I hope also create a rich texture of sound as materials spin against each other.


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