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December 17, 2007

Final Project

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Description: The final product is an array of 256 LEDs which could be used to display a multitude of information. It is also able to control, in a limited way, an iPod or other audio device. The design uses a clock module, temperature sensor, LED controllers, and a stereo volume control to provide the time, temperature, and audio entertainment which the user desires. Through the iPod, it is also possible to use it as an alarm clock.


October 30, 2007

term proposal

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The average student relies on a number of pieces of technology in order to evaluate the current state of their enviroment. Each day, we interact with technology to evaluate the current state of our enviroment. We ask it to obtain the time, the weather, and to perform certain tasks for us, including waking us up and playing music. Many of these tasks are currently performed by discrete pieces of equipment. This project aims to incorporate all of these functions into one relatively integrated, easy to use package controlled by an iPod and an Arduino, and providing feedback through speakers and an LED matrix.


October 5, 2007

Spinner Game (FSM)

My FSM project was a spinner game similar to the ones found at arcades. Pressing the button when the spinning lights get to a certain point increases your “score” and missing decreases it. If your score gets to 5, you are rewarded with a smiley face :0)

I thought this would be fairly simple to code but it actually ended up requiring a lot of research. I ended up using the Metro library, which is basically just a nice method that does all the millis() arithmetic for you.

:::pics, code, and fsm diagram after the break:::


September 18, 2007

arduino programming notebook

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can also be found at /afs/

September 12, 2007

Portable Arduino!!!

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sorry it’s so late, blame Kodak. hit more for the sketch on how to run your arduino off a 9volt


Lampiethingy (iLamp? nah)

I tried to combine two vaguely useful functions into one ugly black project box for this assignment. I plan to market it to paranoid children. Basically, it’s a nightlight that also counts how many times an intruder parent walks past to steal your cookies. Lampy Thing

Schematics, Code, and more camera love after the break (more…)

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