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December 17, 2007

Laser Cut Paper Iris

An attempt was made at cutting out a mechanical iris on the laser cutter. It did not work so well and was later abandoned without making it motorized.

A separate mechanical device, a power window motor was modified through sheet metal work and welding. This was used to hang a tree upon and thereby spin it. This is seen in action in a short clip of the Robotic Branch Video below during Rossum’s recent Uncanny Valley robotic art show at the Brewhouse.

Paper IrisPaper Iris and HandPaper Iris OpenPaper Iris Failures



Robotic Branch

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A kinetic hat rack was conceived in conjunction with research into a mood reading/recording hat. Several servos, a geared motor, and a Querk microprocessor contort a branch in various degrees. Mental strain of everyday existence is suggested by the vagaries of deformation.

Robotic Branch

November 5, 2007

Somnus Recordari

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I am proposing the construction of silicone branch molded from a locust tree. It will contain a heavy copper armature allowing it to articulate and hold its position. The branch contains within or possibly on the surface a digital recording devices including a camera and a microphone hooked to a Marantz PMD660. Three possibilities exist for input sensors. Attached to my body when I sleep either a galvanic skin monitor which measures changing skin resistance as one perspires signaling stress, or a Hemoencephalography (HEG) sensor which uses infrared sensing oxygenated blood flow to localized parts of the brain through the translucent qualities of the scalp. Or merely a sound sensor which triggers when one mumbles in ones sleep. These recording devices, within the end of the branch, will be located near my head as I sleep. When a sudden change in my sleeping condition arises I will be awakened by an increased light level, photographed and my voice recorded as I recite my current dream.

October 16, 2007


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This work was finally shown at theĀ  Brew House Gallery as part of Rossum’s “The Uncanny Valley” Robotic/Art show.

Consisting of a breakbeam sensor, 3 large relays, andĀ  two 650 watt spotlights. The work was triggered by an IR proximity sensor. The random analog data from the Vibra tab sensor, which the cockroach should have actuated did not end up occuring.

October 11, 2007

Paper Ripper

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September 18, 2007

Headlight Lamp

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Here are the beginnings of my lamp/sculpture/installation. The headlights are 12 volt and run off the hacked power source from a computer. 3 Darlington transistors with heatsinks are sent a PWM fading signal and Voila! >15 hours!

Board mouting close up Mount closeupsandbar resistor in  12 volt powersupply

Follow link bellow for details on creating a 12 volt power source from a computer powersource.



September 10, 2007

Brown Naugahyde

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Lay-Z-BoyClassic interactive Lay-Z-boy.

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