Making Furniture Interactive

November 4, 2007

Bruce Shapiro

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interesting applications of lots of steppers and a lot more.

Bruce Shapiro Video


October 30, 2007

Linear actuators

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I want to create a chair that will sit and look normal, but will detect when someone sits on it. When if feels that someone has sat on it, it will wait a few seconds for the person to get comfortable. Then it will throw the person of the chair by falling over with the person. Then the chair will pick its self up, possibly through the use of a cam system.

The linear actuators will act as the legs.


October 29, 2007


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International Origami superstar Robert J Lang is giving a lecture today at 4:30 in McConomy.

“From Flapping Birds to Space Telescopes: The Modern Science of Origami”

edit:   Sorry, hadn’t noticed jenn had posted this already! my bad!

October 6, 2007


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A must see for those that havent seen this already, as i hadnt. Was published back in april nonetheless.

September 12, 2007

A useful website for understanding circuits

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This is a simple website that explains how many circuits and components work.

Hope it’s useful to somebody.

September 10, 2007

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Ok it might not be furniture and its debatable weather or not it interactive, But people might be interested in looking at a very talented kinetic sculptor for inspiration. Theo Jansen

Theo at TED talks, long but worth watching.

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