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October 18, 2007

Servo library

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I found this servo library essential for controlling a servo while timing anything else on the arduino at the same time. It is here.


October 11, 2007

Tutorial for today’s class — high current loads

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In the midst of photographing my boards and writing up docs I was thinking, “this all seems familiar for some reason…”.

Here’s the ITP tutorial on High Current Loads.  It covers pretty much everything we did today and then some.  There are many excellent tutorials on ITP’s site, it’s a good first-go-to site for how to do various things with the Arduino.

October 2, 2007

InfraRed RangeFinder Help

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Here is how to hook up an infrared rangefinder sensor (the Sharp GP series).

Mechanisms Web Site

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Here is a rich and informative resource on mechanisms. “KMODDL is a collection of mechanical models and related resources for teaching the principles of kinematics–the geometry of pure motion. The core of KMODDL is the Reuleaux Collection of Mechanisms and Machines, an important collection of 19th-century machine elements held by Cornell’s Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.”

September 19, 2007

Circuit-drawing software

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I thought some people might find the free software Dia to be useful in future projects. It’s a diagram-drawing program, and does a great job of helping you draw out circuits in only a few minutes – often easier than explaining in English which wires go where 🙂 . (For linux, Windows, and Mac via macports.)

September 18, 2007

Where to Buy Stuff

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list of online and offline suppliers

How to post code

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A quick example of how to post source code to the class blog:

arduino programming notebook

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can also be found at /afs/

September 12, 2007

Portable Arduino!!!

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sorry it’s so late, blame Kodak. hit more for the sketch on how to run your arduino off a 9volt


September 10, 2007

Massive arduino knowledge index

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Another online resource for arduino and related knowledge:

Blog at